Saturday, 24 March 2012

Me and Wild Boy (3): Time Bomb

Wild Boy is fun for a while and totally unlike anyone else I know.  But my inner-sensible person comes to the fore as he gets more out of control and unpredictable. For instance we have a difference of opinion about music and he 'punishes' me by lying down in the middle of the Banbury Road (a busy thoroughfare) saying he will stay there until I agree with him.

I tell him I need to concentrate on my school work and I don't want to see him quite as much so he 'borrows' a friend's motorbike and tries to run me over when I get off the school bus - an experience I find both mortifying and ridiculous.

The lowest point comes when he cuts his wrists in my parents' bathroom - fortunately they are out for the afternoon.  He is extremely proud of the resulting scars and insists on showing everyone - saying he had done it for me as if it was some sort of bloody tattoo.

At first my parents and friends are charmed by his good manners and amusing ways, but as time goes on they dislike him and criticise him to me all the time.  But their dislike means I can tell no one what is happening or how I feel as I am too ashamed.  So what do I do?  I do nothing.

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