Thursday, 22 March 2012

Me and Wild Boy (1): Ever Fallen in Love With Someone...

I wrote the following five stories over six months ago, but have hesitated about posting them as they are quite personal, but in the spirit of portraying my teenage years honestly I'm going for it.  Afraid you won't find much humour in them.

I go to a party and meet a boy who is wearing more make up then me. We bond over nail varnish - he admires my toe nails which are painted red with white dots to match my t-shirt.  I admire his black varnished nails and we discuss the merits of various brands of mascara.  After ten minutes we decide we are made for each other and arrange to go to a deeply inappropriate film featuring lots of sex and violence.

He arrives at the cinema with a bottle of whisky, packets of fags and a plastic bag of what look like aspirins; all of which he promptly offers to me.  I say no thanks - I hate whisky, have never smoked and don't have a headache - he partakes of all of them and is off his head for most of the film.

I think I have fallen in love.


  1. I'd hazard a guess those pills weren't aspirin. Why would anyone waste money on a cinema ticket if they wanted to get off their head? I don't know what you saw in him.

  2. Me - I prefer a cup of coffee and a Bounty when I go to the cinema.

    Think the attraction was the lure of the bad boy - good girls find them hard to resist, but realise with their sensible hats on that there isn't any future in it.