Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nan and travel sickness remedies. Part I

Most of our family holidays were spent in Ramsgate where Great Gran lived.  The journey before the arrival of the M40 could last all day.  If Dad was driving we would start at day break to miss the traffic; this was optimism on his part as year after year he would take the wrong turning and we would experience the delights of the London morning rush hour.  As someone who suffered from acute travel sickness I found the journey utterly miserable.
Nan had several favourite remedies for travel sickness.  At this point I should say don't try these at home as none of them work.  Method one involved placing a sheet of newspaper - the News of the World or the Oxford Mail being the papers of choice - on the backseat of the car and I would then sit on the said newspaper.  The idea being that I would have a nausea-free trip; unfortunately the smell of warm newsprint made me feel worse.  But ,on a positive note, the newspaper was useful when Dad failed to stop the car in time.

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  1. Haa great story, I love the way you write. You should make all these anecdotes into a book!!